I haven’t written in a while, and I have a WordPress “dashboard” full of drafts–fits and starts, if you will.  The reasons for that are varied…but mostly because I have been the kind of busy at work that literally makes me gasp.  Don’t get me wrong–I like being busy.  But I also need a “Saturday”…

When I took time off, I gained some serious perspective on what I wanted in my life, and from my life…and so, even when I’m working on projects I truly enjoy or find to be an interesting challenge, the whole billing-17-hours-on-my-birthday…well, that makes me a bit sad, I suppose.

Friday was my birthday.  And it was a better birthday than I’ve had in a very long time–cake and ice cream on Wednesday at our weekly “Winesday” get-together; dancing in the foyer to Sister Act II…”Oh Happy Day” in two-parts as the dishes were dried and put away.

Oh happy day, indeed.

I’ve had some interesting birthdays.  My fifth birthday with the Strawberry Shortcake bike.  My twentieth birthday, where my friends rented a limo and we drove around greater Los Angeles, ending up, late, in Malibu under the stars…listening to the waves and drinking cheap peach champagne.  My twenty-fifth birthday in Paris, getting a massage under the eaves of a hotel near the opera house, listening to the rain run off the roof.

My xx birthday, when CJ and The Laura took me out for cupcakes, and they didn’t know it was my birthday, and I got my “No” necklace…my signature piece of jewelry.

My xx birthday, when Andrew forgot.

My xx birthday, when F took me to Asia de Cuba and I handed him an unmarked envelope containing story I’d written.  He handed back an unmarked envelope with an earlier draft he’d marked up.  We stared at each other intently across the table.  “Does this mean I can seduce you?” he asked.  I demurred.

Now, funfetti cake (my favorite), fancy ice cream, and friends gathered for singing and dancing and music.  Everything old is new again…simple joys, simple pleasures.

And then…revisions to briefs, and research and conference calls; team meetings and billable hours vs. nonbillable ones.  Officious people and pots-calling-kettles-black.  Politicking.

I’ll take my cake any way its sliced.

However this is cut up, it’s sure to be another interesting year.


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  1. I hope you liked the Princess card 🙂 We had fun selecting it. I hope you found an adult to help you cut out the princess jewelry.

  2. Oh, Mrs. B! I LOOOVED it…I even just sent off a thank you card. 🙂 PS, I love the new blog. It’s amazing!

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