After all the work and fuss, and thought, and effort…

I realized that the more important thing than everything else I have been doing (and obsessing over, and looking into, and investigating, and worrying about, and chasing my tail over) was to step outside of myself and get out of my own head.

One afternoon at the ASPCA had made me remember that there was more out there than just me.  It’s funny how it’s so easy for me to know one thing in my head from my experience with people, but to not have it resonate in my heart until it comes to me from a dog.

So…the day after my ASPCA visit…walking into yet another animal shelter last Sunday afternoon — the third one of the week — after six months of calls and adoption applications to breed rescues; there I was, walking into a room of barking dogs — a place that reeks of antiseptic and shit and wet food — thinking I was looking for one thing (a fully grown, adult, housetrained thing), then making eyes with a creature across a crowded room…

And suddenly feeling that feeling I haven’t felt since my once-in-a-lifetime-dog Lilly, feeling chosen.

Falling. In. Love.

(Photo © WK)

What have I done?

I’m not, at this moment, completely sure.  But Riley is fantastic.  And that’s the best kind of dog anyone can hope for.

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