There is something so anti-climactic


Finding out

That the Empire State has lost its bearings;

That the Governor’s lost his head.

And there is something so disappointing


A year of trial separation

Painstakingly negotiated and

Separately lived.

Separate lives;

Separate cities; then

Separate sofas.

He should have known I wasn’t coming home when I went to Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams and bought myself that mid-century styled sofa;

Steel grey.  Like everything else.

Shades of grey.

Like the grey day in Albany, weeks before our marriage;

And that day in Monaco, days before our wedding — dining after the rain on the balcony at the Hotel de Paris;

And the one day in Paris, six months married, and listening to the rain on the eaves;

And then that one gloomy day in the City, five years later,

In my office…

Finding out that New York had become a no-fault state — a blameless state — the day before we were to file for divorce and couldn’t point our fingers anymore.

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  1. Sorry the issue is so personally sad. The writing is beyond excellent. Some of your very best!!!

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