Ordinary Miracles

December 27Ordinary Joy Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year?

I write about Winesday a lot.  I think about Winesday a lot.  I facebook about Winesday a lot.  In fact when I did that silly “Meredith’s Top Words of 2010” thing on Facebook, Winesday was my top word.  Not “me” or “I” or “baby” like most of my friends.  But “Winesday.”

Which should probably tell you something about what I think most about.

I tend to be a lone wolf.  And I spent a good eighteen months of my life, perhaps even a full two years, on travel and/or surviving the complete chaos of a crumbling marriage and career upheaval.  So the start of Winesday represented some kind of permanence to me — the beginning of a family for which I felt responsible.

I mean, I feel responsible for most things.  I feel responsible when my brother does anything silly, three thousand miles away.  I feel responsible when my parents have bad days; or when my closest friends are sad.  I’m that kind of person.

But every Wednesday, this group of people comes together and the magic happens.  Every week, each one of us comes as we are; brings our nonsense to the table, and is fed (typically we are fed mostly carbs and alcohol, but that is neither here nor there).

Sometimes, I think I survived my childhood solely because I had a best friend who made my every oddity feel completely ordinary.  And now, I like to think I have survived these extraordinary times because I have a group of friends who have made these speedbumps in the road I’m traveling feel as if I’m still driving over the bumps in a Jaguar.

Everything works out.

But I am blessed; honored; lucky to share an ordinary — extraordinary — joy each week with my Winesday friends.

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