Happiness Is…

Fifty things that make me happy:

  1. Freshly washed sheets and towels;
  2. Crappy, gooey cinnamon buns straight from the can, into the oven; out of the oven and into my belly;
  3. The days when the dog sleeps in;
  4. Wheels down at JFK;
  5. Having a home where friends come and sit around my round table; where guests feel welcome; where there are always extra toothbrushes and spare sets of pajamas;
  6. Phonecalls with my family;
  7. Sticky rice and mango;
  8. Knowing the truth;
  9. Familiar songs sung by a choir;
  10. A fresh haircut;
  11. Getting the giggles;
  12. Being caught singing along to a favorite tune;
  13. Watching my brother thrive;
  14. Getting an AskBop1[at]domain[dot]com on the darkest day of the last few weeks;
  15. An organized lingerie drawer;
  16. Giant squid;
  17. Scrimshaw;
  18. Having been on a vicious, thrilling love-ride with a difficult man, and being no worse — and wiser — for the wear;
  19. Sparkling water;
  20. Satisfying sneezes;
  21. Sending cards in the mail;
  22. Having faith that my needs will be answered;
  23. The Pacific Ocean and that salty-sticky feeling of seabreeze skin;
  24. Rice pudding from Rice to Riches in Soho;
  25. Moments with old friends;
  26. Watching people greet each other in the morning on the streets of the Upper East Side; nodding at my neighbors; knowing that I am home for good in this perfect, filthy, hectic, wonderful city that I love;
  27. Rainbow chip frosting;
  28. Cushy, colorful running socks;
  29. Bouquets of fresh flowers;
  30. Foot rubs;
  31. Citrus fruits;
  32. Uni-Ball Signo Micro 207 Blue Pens;
  33. Lazy summer afternoons on the lawn in Central Park with the dog, and friends, and a bottle of wine;
  34. Cherry candy canes;
  35. Drinking Diet Gingerale straight from the bottle;
  36. Rare Minerals zit zapping powder;
  37. Splurging on expensive shampoo;
  38. My fancy crystal bedside carafe;
  39. Memories of driving the canyons of California with my college girlfriends;
  40. Gooey, sweet plantains;
  41. Yellow Gatorade;
  42. Bad weather days when I don’t have to go outside;
  43. Roadtrips when someone else is driving;
  44. Owning an iPad;
  45. Having a bed with bed knobs (admittedly, I might sometimes attempt this…);
  46. Breakfast in bed;
  47. People who walk their cats;
  48. Paul McCartney songs;
  49. Knowing that I am making it on my own;
  50. Running the approach to Tavern on The Green any given day; knowing that I have done it twice past the grandstands; that I will do it again on a chilly Sunday in November, and that there is no moment in life where I feel more beautiful and whole and alive than I do crossing a finish line.


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