A Week in the Life: Tuesday


I overslept.  By an hour and a half. 

(Messages back and forth  from five hours ahead about the possibility of working from home…when it was revealed that this was not a possibility…there was an electronic shout of GET UP!)

I buried myself under the covers this morning and didn’t want to get out of bed.  I sleep under a *mountain* of pillows (under, not on top of).  I call this half-sleepy/overslept feeling “having a snug.”  I’m not sure why.  But involves copious use of the “snooze” button.

Once up, I quickly realized I should have stayed in bed.

I decided to drink green juice for two days — my drink of choice is Blueprint.  (Rest assured that I supplement the juice, though — I have to from a nutritional standpoint.)  But Tuesday was a tough day out in the world, and vegetable juice and unpleasant political/financial news was just not what the doctor ordered.

The world is falling apart.  I have a splitting headache. 

I had to turn off the TV in my office at some point in the afternoon, after the 900th Doomsday prediction.

I think I’ve taken 8 packets of aspirin.

Don’t faint…

At some point in the early-ish evening, I gave up on working in the office and headed home to work some more.  On not-too-hot nights, I’ll walk from my office to my apartment.  The clouds were gathering in the sky, and the humidity was rising but was not unbearable.

Walk/Don’t Walk.

I came home to the dog’s daily report card from the dogwalker.  Uninteresting, as usual.  The only times it was interesting were when the dogwalker told me he’d given the dog bottled water or when the neighbor revealed that one of the dogwalkers was lying about how much time she spent walking Roo.


Time for Roo’s first walk of the evening with me.  Productive.

Then, to the lighthouse!

More lightbulbs were out — this time, in the foyer; the bedroom; the kitchen; the bathroom; the closets.  I’ve changed 40-something-plus bulbs in less than 2 years; I don’t have that many fixtures.  My building is pre-war, and they’ve done a ton of construction; chances are the wiring is faulty.  To the hardware store to replace the halogen bulbs in the kitchen.  Chances of me buying the right ones were slim, but I managed to do it.

Message to Miss Mal: Can I borrow JM for an hour?  I need help with the overhead fixtures.

(Realized that my abjectly terrible blackberry once again sent the message to the party at the top of my BBM list, and not to the intended recipient.  Try again.)


Agave cashew milk to finish out the day of juices — my favorite part of the juicing day.

Then, off to sweet, sweet slumber before doing it all again.

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