Sarah Rosemary at Sunny Side Up and I are hosting our own Reverb11, a series of prompts to look back on 2011 and manifest the new year.  Please check our Reverb11 pages for details, and join in!

Prompt for December 5: Things: Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…what were your favourite things that you discovered this year?

I was sitting in front of the computer last night, wracking my brain, trying to think of the things I had discovered this year.  I discovered some cool stuff.  And things.  Here’s a brief list:

1) Rose-tinted Vaseline: I think you can only get this in the UK, but it’s really fantastic and not as goopy as the Smith’s Rosebud Salve.  Little bit of tint, lots of moisture – done! It is all I put on my lips these days (except for the Aquaphor from the giant tub on my nightstand that I slather on before bed…)

2) WriteGirl: I discovered this organisation through some links tweeted by fellow writers. WriteGirl “is a nonprofit organization for high school girls centered on the craft of creative writing and empowerment through self-expression.”  I (privately) made a committment to donating a significant portion of my salary this year (more on that later), and while I discovered this group late in the year and didn’t have a lot left to donate, I was humbled by the incredible work they’re doing with young women, and I wish I could do more to help.

3) H.Bloom: I love flowers.  I love arranging flowers; I love having flowers in my house.  I didn’t used to like fresh flowers much because they were so…impermanent.  But something changed, and I subscribe to a service that sends me fresh flowers to arrange myself once a month.  It costs about $30; it gives me great pleasure.  There’s nothing I like more than finding my bouquet with my doorman, because I inevitably forget when the delivery is coming and wind up receiving a fantastic surprise.

4) Fungi: I’ve never been a fan of mushrooms in my food.  I always thought they were the texture of and tasted like the bottom of a running shoe. But something weird happened this year, and I started loving the taste of mushrooms in just about everything.  This may be a part of becoming a grown up.  This may also be a part of taking a ton of medication to manage rheumatoid arthritis, and said medications make my taste in food change frequently.  For example, I love raw tomato more than life itself.  But for the week after taking the immunosuppresssant that I switched to about 18 months ago, I find the taste of raw tomato to be emetic.  So.  Whatever the circumstances, I find I have been craving all kinds of fungi.

5) Siri: I received my new iPhone on Friday.  My iPhone is my London number, so I have British Siri (who is a dude.  A gent.  A bloke.  A chap; a fellow.  Whatever the hell you want to call him).  (Half of my computer settings are English UK, by the way; all of my mobile device settings are.  Note: autocorrect settings do NOT excuse my using the word “chap” or “bloke.”  You can tell which machine or device on which I’m typing by what autocorrects and what I’m lazy/busy enough to change/not change.  While I am operating on a perma-jetlag sort of schedule, I have no illusions about my nationality.)

I suppose you can switch British Siri to American Siri, but she doesn’t fully work on my phone.  I switched him over to French Siri, which inexplicably does fully work (he is also a dude.  Un garçon; un homme?) and am now praticising my French and sounding like a fool.  I’m sure everyone on the planet has already discovered Siri, and is having a blast with him/her.  But this is new and awesome for me.  I am still uncovering all of his/her capabilities and will obviously report back once French Siri and I make headway in sorting my  life.

I think I might be unstoppable now that I own an iPhone AND an indoor/outdoor label maker.  This bodes well for my 2012.

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