Sarah Rosemary at Sunny Side Up and I are hosting our own Reverb11, a series of prompts to look back on 2011 and manifest the new year.  Please check our Reverb11 pages for details, and join in!

Prompt for December 30: IdentityHow did you identify yourself in 2011?  Did it change?  How will you identify yourself in 2012?

I am…

A lawyer, a writer, a runner, a hopeless romantic.  A seeker.  A woman afraid of aging ungracefully.  An unnatural blonde.  Never without red hair-ties; wearing a sweater I love beyond measure.  No longer scared to be alone.  I am my father’s daughter, wearing my grandmother’s ring, in a photo snapped by my best friend.

I am…

A New Yorker; a woman with a well-stamped passport and several phone numbers.  Someone who leads a remarkably private public life.  Rarely in one place for very long; anchored but unmoored.

I am…

Not who I thought I’d be; not where I thought I’d be.

I want to remember, from this point forward, that I am the woman in this photo above.

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  1. I was scared straight about aging ungracefully by one of Nora Ephron’s books. It involved cherishing our necks, because apparently in the world of wrinkles, that is the one thing we will regret under-appreciating the most. Go figure.

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