The Unexpectedly Beautiful

Things that are beautful; some unexpectedly so:

1) The moment right before you fall asleep;

2) Sunrise.  From an airplane;

3) Waking up to a song you love playing on the radio and feeling the irresistible urge to capture it…on cassette tape;

4) The moment when he calls her by her first name in conversation and your heart breaks a little, but you survive;

5) Relatedly, the first moment when you both can talk about and/or laugh the things you didn’t think you’d survive;

6) Fed-exing that ungodly amount of money to your ex-husband instead of suffering an in-person handoff.  Then unfriending him on facebook;

7) The way the propeller of the plane looked in photographs when leaving San Francisco for Monterey;

8) Forward-looking statements;

9) Cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin;

10) The first snow;

11) Languid champagne brunches;

12) Marcona almonds;

13) That time in Arizona, with the stars all around;

14) When you were sixteen, and he turned on the radio as you got on the freeway and he sang She’s frequently kind/and she’s suddenly cruel.  And every last one thereafter said or sang the same thing, like he was unique or it was a revelation, but it was all just a beautifully overtold joke;

15) The things that are not your problem;

16) Being held in thrall of a new place and the prospect of a new adventure;

17) Finding home in the unexpected;

18) Gracious people;

19) Longing; missing; being missed;

20) Chance.

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