The Road to Hell

Oh I had such good intentions!

I was going to run and write and pack and do all of the things that needed doing.  I was going to go to bed early.  Monday Meredith had prepped Tuesday Meredith for a few things, until she woke up several times in the night with a start, and then Tuesday Meredith was off-tracked by some forces beyond her control.

I was going to respond to at least some of the 241 emails in my personal email in-box; the 111 work emails; the Bloombergs that have piled up to the point where my mobile in-box has stopped counting them (the ticker simply says “99+”).  I have friends to whom I owe phone calls; I have documents to read; I have blogs I want to peruse and comments to which I’d like to respond.

But wow.  My brain is fried.  There are some important things going on; life is fast-moving.

I couldn’t sleep last night.  The dog was deeply dreaming — which he never does — and as I woke up, he was chirping and grunting in his sleep.  He doesn’t sleep in my bed, mind you.  I’ve built a nightstand over his crate (I can’t decide whether this is creative, or ugly, or something you’d see on Apartment Therapy, where they tout it as a hack or some other such shit, when it’s just a polite way to say “I took the legs off an inexpensive Pottery Barn nightstand; wrapped a board in some toile; bolted the board to the top of a standard dog crate; placed the legless Pottery Barn thing on top, et voila! Dog Crate Nightstand Hack!)

(This is actually what my bedroom looks like, by the way — no staging involved.)

(Also, this crate hack is known as, necessity is the mother of invention)

So I rolled over; I messaged my best friend:

Something important is about to happen, I said.

I await further information, she replied almost instantly.  Which sort-of confirmed my instinct.  We’re very in-tune with each other, we two.  Always have been.

So.  Big things are afoot; big things of which I am sure I am not quite yet aware.  But before Tuesday Meredith gets too far down the rabbit hole and leaves Wednesday Meredith hanging…

I can only say that hope that you all do not refer to your many selves like I refer to myself as if I am days-of-the-week underpants.


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  1. I don’t refer to myself such as you…but I do refer to my son like that. For example, Sunday Jonah is always more preferable to me than Saturday Jonah…but Monday Jonahs are surprisingly even more enjoyable than Sunday Jonahs.

    • I *love* the idea of a Monday Jonah. This is unbearably adorable to me, especially having seen the photos of his cute little face. I am smiling as I type this, but I am kind of wondering what a Friday Jonah would look like… xx

  2. That you re-purposed the dog crate as your nightstand is perfectly industrious in my opinion. That you wrapped the board in some toile (of all the fabrics to choose) is what really takes it over the top.

    • I hope I am not going TOO over the top by telling you that it is actually a custom AQUATIC LIFE toile. It was my dream fabric, but the dog crate was the cleverest use I could come up with for it!!

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