Simple Pleasures

Scintilla Prompt #8: What are your simplest pleasures? Go beyond description and into showing the experience of each indulgence

 1)      Cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin: I went to Washington over the weekend for an event, and to see friends.  I’ve waxed poetic about the cherry blossoms before, but I do love them.  During my years living in Washington as an intern, as a student, and as a professional, I fell in love with the springtime blooms.  They’re delicate; hopeful.  Ephemeral.  To me, they were and are the amuse bouche of the garden – a quick bite of something beautiful before the springtime truly takes hold.  They always meant the beginning of good things to come.

 2)      Unexpected upgrades:  eee and I were both in Washington over the weekend.  I was to meet her at her hotel on Friday, where we were going to stay, before going to Bethany’s on Saturday.  eee messaged while I was on the train to tell me that we’d been upgraded to a suite at her hotel.  It wasn’t just any suite – it was literally a princess suite.  A massive living room, two full baths, a full kitchen, etc. 

 I made a video tour of the whole thing, but can’t figure out how to upload it.  The next morning, we showered in our separate showers, and played our own morning music from opposite sides of the suite, never hearing or disturbing each other.  We were still giddy with joy at the space.

 I’ve stayed in some of the best hotels in the world.  I should be inoculated against excitement at large, otherwise ordinary accommodations.  But eaven help me when the unexpectedly pleasant no longer thrills me.

3)      Gold ballet flats:  For reasons I don’t quite understand, gold ballet flats have become a staple of my wardrobe – particularly the type you can fold in half.  I love them; they give me immense joy.  I’ve tried the exceptionally expensive kind that they make by hand; the cheap Gap kind that go on sale and give you sweaty feet; right now I have a middle-of-the-road pair that has held up quite well, but is looking a bit long in the tooth.  I love the feeling of ballet slippers.  There’s something terribly luxurious about the sense that your feet are nearly-naked.

 4)      Penguins:  Ever get sucked down the YouTube rabbit-hole of videos of penguins doing adorable things?  You’re welcome.

5)      That moment:  When it becomes clear that there are several ways something will ultimately end, most of them won’t be very pleasant.  Regardless, the ride is and will be a gloriously complex, uncomplicated joy.


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  1. 1. A list of favorite ballet flats would be appreciated.
    2. I am a novice at penguin videos but I just watched that one with Marcus and then he asked me if he should be buying me one after that. DYING OF CUTE. I owe you.

    • You got it! One ballet flat post coming up – I am in the market for a new pair, so I am testing them as we speak. As to the sweet tickle-penguin…OMG I KNOW RIGHT?!!?!?!?

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