Things That I Love Today

I think I am losing my mind.  There has been so much going on in my non-writing life, and every time I open Outlook, I start sweating and want to scream. 

So I think I need to clear my head and tell you about the things I am enjoying now.  Because there are many of them. 

1) Aritzia.

This is a Canadian clothing company that opened in Soho not terribly long ago, and I love it.  It is quickly becoming a go-to for when I need something that is Not J. Crew.  (And by “need,” I mean “want.”)

2) Fresh Direct Mineral Water.

I have a disgusting habit.  I drink from the bottle.  I used to only do it in the private of my own home.  But I have been under so much stress, and the only glasses we have in the office are just as heavy as a full bottle of mineral water, so I have been drinking out of the 1L bottle in the office.  Forgive me. 

I freely admit that this is an awful habit, but it is so awful and deeply-ingrained, I no longer notice I am doing it.

(I specify the “Fresh Direct Mineral Water” because I also buy this by the case at home and it’s slightly less expensive than a case of San Pelligrino.  I also think it’s slightly bubblier, and heaven knows I love sparkling water and soda — though am strangely ambivalent about Champagne…)

3) Duralex Clear Stackable Bowls.I actually have two sets of these, and they are, by far and away the most useful kitchen item I own.  I am reminded of this each time I have people over — but I am also reminded of it now that I’ve been trying to cook more.  I regularly fall in love with these all over again.

The reason I have two sets is that they must’ve been purchased simultaneously off one of my wedding registries.  I didn’t bother to return the additional set because I used to cook and bake on a consistent basis, and that massive quantity of bowls took up very little space and was immediately useful.

4) Diptyque Eau Rose Perfume.

If you ever come to my house, you will find that I have a proper vanity tray, and that on it is my beloved collection of perfumes.  I can’t say that I have a signature scent anymore (I did for about a decade, and I’m still trying to find a new one), but this Diptyque scent comes pretty close to what I’d like in a signature scent.  Except I am an idiot and ran out of perfume in London, so I paid GBP 98 for it, instead of USD 98 for it. 

While I genuinely love this fragrance, I also have a Lili Bermuda scent that smells like…candy?…that everyone goes mad for, and that I think everyone uses when they house sit for me.  It’s called “South Water.”

I’m crazy for delicate things: ruffles, and ribbons, and flowers, and perfume.  And yet, on the other side of the dresser is my hiking backpack and my set of disgusting athletic equipment.  The madness!

5) Puffins Cereal.

Have I said this before?  I love these.  I’ve been eating them since forever — they were the successor to my love for Crunchy Corn Bran (which I adored as a kid).  I have been trying to eat less sugar and less wheat, not because it is A Thing, but because they both cause inflammation, and I am filled with nothing but cells on fire these days.  In terms of a keeping-my-body-under-my-control regime, I would like to cut back on the toxic drugs, and perhaps go back to mere self-flagellation.  Puffins are wheat-free and low-sugar.

And also, delicious. 

6) Felix Doolittle Stationery.

My friend Lisa introduced me to this company via Tweet not long ago, and I promptly went to the website and ordered up basically everything in sight.  This goes back to me loving beautiful things.  And me being a letter-writer.

7) Cole Haan Nike Air Shoes.

 I have said this before, but these are amazing – and they make them for men and for women.  I have fancy, expensive shoes from those designers over whom girls swoon.  But my fashiony shoes mostly sit in their dust bags in my closet.  You see, I’ve run 10 marathons.  I race through airports and train stations on a consistent basis.  I frequently gambol over the cobblestones of Mayfair.  My days of caring about doing that in a pair of Jimmy Choos are over – primarily because, while the shoes are lovely, nobody gives a hang who made them.  I’m not going to make any special effort to wear something that makes me miserable unless it really makes the outfit.

The Cole Haan Nike Air shoes are not cheap by any means, but they actually do go on sale which puts them in the range of affordability.  They are cute.  They are extremely practical and comfortable, and they hold up and travel well.  Best of all, they are easy on the feet.

8) Old Navy Women’s Seamless Stretch Tanks

I wish I had fancier taste in underthings, but these are the greatest.  I am terrible at replacing basics.  I bought about 50,000 of these camisoles at the start of the year, and so far, so good.  They are a bit long for my small frame, but they’re great.  Strongly recommend; much nicer than the pricetag would indicate.

9) Moleskines.

I am like every other asshole writer, and every other asshole who does work in Europe, and I use Moleskines.  I have for years, and my bedroom and office shelves are full of filled-up Moleskines as evidence of my longterm use.  I still love them even if it’s A Thing, and I will preach the gospel of Moleskine until the cows come home.

Moving on.

10) FaceTime.

I was never a big Skype-r.  In fact, I thought it was kind of weird.  But then we bought my Dad an iPad, and Mums and I got new iPhones, and suddenly, our family was FaceTiming like we were the Jetsons.  FaceTime from airport lounges; FaceTime from my living room.  Roo on FaceTime.  Hey, Mums, check out my floral arrangements, I will FaceTime you.  That kind of stuff.  The world got small, in a good way.

And these are the things I love and enjoy and think about and long for when I am buried under ten tons of other stuff, and am debating whether I need a snorkel or a shovel.

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