Useful Things

I have this theory that lists are for lazy writers.  Now I admit that sometimes, they are like a palate cleanser. And before I do more writing about complex and complicated things, I thought I would write about useful things.  I’ve been using a lot of useful things lately.

Without further ado — things that are useful:

(NB: I have not been compensated for endorsing any of these products, nor have I been provided any of these products free of charge)

1) Freezer JarsNot long ago, I discovered “refrigerator oatmeal.”  You see, I have this thing about…mush.  I love soup; oatmeal; soft things.  This probably stems from having had strep throat constantly as a child.  The refrigerator oatmeal recipe I found and love called for 8oz Mason jars — of which I had many — but suggested that one use plastic tops.  I went searching for plastic tops, but instead found plastic jars

(Available at Rainbow on the UES; you can find them on Amazon, maybe?)

This was amazing.  I still use the glass jars sometimes, but the plastic freezer jars are great for portioning out a variety of stuff, and I’m absolutely mad for refrigerator oatmeal.  These puppies are perfect for it.

My refrigerator oatmeal receipe:

1/4 cup old fasioned oats
1/4 cup Icelandic skyr (you can also use nonfat/lowfat Greek yogurt – I like skyr better.  If you use regular yogurt, or a non-dairy type, use less milk — including non-dairy milk)
1/4 – 1/3 cup milk (any type of milk – dairy; nut; soy – will do)
1 1/2 tsp chia seeds (don’t leave these out, even if you’re not used to them)
1 tsp agave syrup (I suppose you could use honey; maple syrup; a Splenda packet, even)
Fruit of your choice — I’ve used chopped strawberries; mangoes; blueberries

Combine in an 8oz Mason jar – stir and shake – refrigerate.  Keeps 1-2 days (probably longer if you use non-dairy milk!) 

This is adapted from a recipe I found at The Yummy Life.  There are some great variations there.

2) Yosi Samra Ballet Flats: So.  If you know anything about my preference in shoes, you probably know by now that I am never far away from a pair of fold-up, gold ballet flats.  Having fully consumed two very expensive(!) and beloved pairs of Sue London ones, I decided I needed to move into a lower price bracket if I was going to keep destroying them at the rate I was going.  I was wearing through those suckers like I used to burn through saddle shoes (thanks for that, btw, Mums.  The other girls got LA Gears, and I was wearing pink-and-whites…)

After a very unfortunate experiment with a $6 pair of gold Gap flats that made my feet so sweaty, I had to leave the shoes in an Edinburgh hotel room, I knew there had to be a better mousetrap.

I settled on the Yosi Samra flats.  They’re not super exciting, but they work, and they’ve held up — which is SO much more important than anything else.

For what it’s worth, I have no idea why I like the gold ones so much.

3) Cherry Coke Zero:  Stop judging me.  I love this stuff.  However, I know it’s bad for me.  That said, I go to Bikram three times a week; I spin; I run; I eat mostly organic, gluten free, locally-raised, minimally-processed, expensive yuppie food. 

I’m sick of hearing about how Diet Coke will kill [me]!

I survived a divorce, being hit by a car, and a course of methotrexate.  The sanctimonious asshole comments by people telling me that Diet Coke kills are more likely to do me in before the Diet Coke does.

4) Chlorox Anywhere Spray:  I love this stuff.  My housekeeper loves this stuff.  It doesn’t have a harsh smell (either of chemicals, like the Classic Cleaning Products tend to have, nor does it reek of botanicals like a lot of yuppie cleaning products do).  It also doesn’t leave that weird sticky residue of…cleanser. 

5) My Everlane Tote:  I am somewhat obsessive about totebags.  I have more totes than I know what to do with — especially ones for travel.  My recent obsession is my Everlane tote.  I love the Everlane website, generally – high quality, simple, affordable stuff — and I adore the tote I bought from them.  (Mine doesn’t have the stripe).

That’s about it.  I think all of my other recent loves and things I find useful are more intangible; ephemeral — or basic; obvious; simple.  But if you really want me to start posting how I calculate fitness metrics and the budget spreadsheet that I inherited from my ex-husband…I might.

Palate cleansed, onward to angst.

(Btw, I am having significant problems with scheduling posts, and with italics within posts – trying to resolve, but please be patient.)

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