Been There, Done That

OMG, she said, This song is amazing.  Here, take my headphones.  You’ll love it.  You love that folk-sound.

I take them.  I DO like it.  It sounds a little like Paul Simon. A LOT like Paul Simon.

Who is this? I ask.

Harper Simon, she says.

As in Paul Simon?

Who’s that?


I go home, and I google Harper Simon, because the name sounds vaguely familiar and I’m pretty sure that’s Paul Simon’s son.  Which it is.  And it’s too bad, because what bad luck when your father has already done this, and while you might’ve appealed to the Echo Park hipster set — they’ve already moved on to gentrifying Eagle Rock.  And while you might’ve appealed to someone like me, Harper Simon, I’m still hoping for a glimpse of your daddy at the tennis club in New Canaan.


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  1. I love it. I know it does sound like Simon and Garfunkel but he gets a pass, he was raised to sound that way. Can’t help it, love, love, love it.

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