The Rule of 50

I have been in a terrible mood all week.  So I think it’s time for another installment of:

Fifty Things That Make Me Happy

50) Warm weather;

I debated whether to stick the Fahrenheit or Celsius screen capture here

49) Compression sleeves;

48) Writing and sending letters (and sometimes not sending them);

47) Wearing very tall heels;

46) Trusty, horrible old ballet flats;

45) Well-made cups of tea;

44) White wine;

43) My brother, my friend;

42) Queensboro Bridge runs;

41) Remembering the mountain top;

40) Guilty pleasures;

39) Remembering that the 18th of July wasn’t just a sticky anniversary.  It was my grandfather’s birthday; the man who always came through for me;

38) My boys;

37) My girls;

36) The feeling of having a best friend;

35) Road trips;

34) Rainy days with nothing to do but watch the rain;

33) Berkeley Square;

32) Hopeful people;

31) Wheels up at JFK;

30) Remembering that my best friend and I once convinced someone that I had a twin sister named “Toe.”  (And we kept it up for years!);

29) Fast cars;

28) Victorious moments spent with my family;

27) Manicures and pedicures and the way the hush falls over the salon I go to when that woman from the Today show walks in;

26) Kisses on the forehead;

25) That moment when the dog sits down beside me, and rests his head on my leg, and reminds me that in those perfect, still seconds, there is nothing more necessary than simply to be loved;

24) Two words: DONUT HOLES;

23) Beach hair;

22) That story my father tells every year on my birthday: I used to make breakfast, holding you, and you were so small, I’d hold you like this, right here, in the crook of my arm… (as he holds out his arm to demonstrate)

The shirt, by the way, says “muy simpatica!”

21) Unapologetically taking pictures of my feet;

20) YouTube videos of baby animals doing adorable things;

(this came to me via D, the Englishman, who is my baby animal link-aggregator extraordinaire)

19) Being okay with making decisions about my life (and living to tell the tale!);

18) Belts (I love belts);

17) Chocolate rice cakes;

16) Jell-o Instant Pudding (that Strand makes);

15) Winesday;

14) Peanut Butter Jelly Time;

13) Bananas;

12) Refrigerator oatmeal;


11) Good workouts;

10) Tall men;

9) Nonsense poems;

(and the dish ran away with the spoon)

8) Wearing my glasses;

7) Sweet potato tempura from Aki Sushi on York Avenue;

6) That breathless moment of finally understanding something previously incomprehensible;

5) This picture of the weird and magical trip that Andrew and I once took to the South of France and Monaco;

4) Remembering that time Jenn and I drove around Scotland (the entire country of Scotland) in a snowstorm with me wearing a plush highland cow hat, until a rugby team pulled up beside us, complimented me on my hat using the universal language of charades, then mooned us;

3) Spaghetti squash;

2) Late night phone calls with old friends, spent giggling and telling secrets like we’re still in middle school;

1) Fortune cookie wisdom:

Pick one, I said.  Right, he replied.

And so begins another weekend; another week; another golden opportunity to seek, to search, to be happy, to sort things out.


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    • Yes ma’am – always the same monkey. That’s Chachie. He features prominently throughout my life. And YES, YOU ARE #32. You are a hope-r, a do-gooder, and possibly, one of my most beloveds, ever. The end.

  1. 50 things…is quite the catalog, my dear (btw, like those ballet flats). Can you think of 50 things that….
    …would make you throw up?
    …would be fun to throw off the Empire State Building?
    …rythme with “Beer”?
    …would hurt if stepped on?
    …you could put in pancakes?

    I could think of 50,000 random things…but things to make me happy? Tough one.

    From one angst-ridden warrior to another, who admires your constancy…

    • Thanks Charlie. I have to admit, I quite like your suggestions. I may try those out sometime, esp the “could put in pancakes…” THAT could result in an incredibly amount of angst.

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