Captain of a Shipwreck, Redux

My best friend and I have been best friends for 20 years this month.

(not a recent picture)

Sometimes, this is difficult for me to believe.

The picture above was taken nearly seven years ago, right after her house burned down, and I had a heart attack.  We look pretty good, considering.  Above, we’re checking out snapshots from my (then-somewhat recent) wedding.

At some point during this converstion, we began discussing my family; my in-laws.  After the fire, my then-mother in law had done the gorgeous thing of crocheting Jade a blanket.  We were all grateful.  In the early days of tragedy, Jade had toted the blanket around with her.

Being silly and cute, we decided to wrap ourselves up in it.  Jade’s mother, Das, was snapping photos of us all the while, capturing our sillies in real time.

Upon wrapping ourselves up, we realised that Jade had been outdoors with the blanket and had used it as a seating pad.  The damned thing was FULL OF BURRS.


We tore that thing off of us as fast as we could.  But it was too late.  Our skin and hair were full of..burrs.


I did not wet myself, but I think it was a near miss.

We did not fully know then that the burrs were only the beginning; that fire burned away the dross; that hearts were made to slitherbeatcatchspasmattack.

It was with no small amount of irony, then, that we rang in our 20th year together in Melbourne, with me wearing the same dress as I was wearing in these photos above.

Here’s to a week of stories about friendship; about the choices we make and things that endure; and here’s to a lifetime more with the remarkable woman without whom I simply would not be.

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