1000 Words

Kat, Sarah, and I have collaborated to post a prompt-a-day in December. Check the #Reverb12 page for prompts and and take a look at the main page for the basic instructions on the project.

December 18: 1000 Words: There’s the old saying that a photo is worth 1,000 words.  Give us a photo with that impact that sums up some significant event of your 2012, or give us 1000 words about a pivotal moment in 2012.


Seriously.  Screw you, 2012.

But more importantly, this photo says: There is no moment I spend with my brother where I do not treasure him.  When you almost lose someone to an addiction — an addiction that tore at the bonds of our family; that killed a good number of my brother’s friends — you never, ever, ever fail to appreciate the moments after the worst is over.

There is no family holiday; no event; no visit to California where I do not see this young man and think: Thank you.  Thank you, God, that he survived; that he chose the harder path.  That he is here.

That he is…okay.

It is one thing to survive an addiction.  It is another thing to overcome it; to thrive in the face of it.  To choose life.

My brother chose life.

I just chose to be a lawyer.  Which, all things considered, is pretty much the opposite of life.

Anyway, what this picture cannot capture is this:

A month or two ago, I received a phone call from Matthew at an odd hour.  Just a handful of years back, I’d have I’d have ignored it.  It would only have been news I didn’t want.  But I answered the call.  And he was on the other end of the line saying: You know, I gave it some thought, and maybe we should run a half-marathon together in the spring.

So.  Each moment I spend with my brother, I remember to say screw you to the past.  Because the road is hard, and the path uncertain, but he moves forward, and if he leads, I can follow.

I am humbled and blessed and so grateful to have a brother like mine.

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