Kat, Sarah, and I have collaborated to post a prompt-a-day in December. Check the #Reverb12 page for prompts and and take a look at the main page for the basic instructions on the project.

December 19: Crap: What was just absolute rubbish for you this year?  What would you do to change that? Describe something, or some moment, that was just hopelessly awful, and tell us how it could (or could not) be made better.

Absolute rubbish:

1) Mean girls meangirling other girls

2) Running bad races (see e.g., the Brooklyn Half Marathon; the Berlin Marathon, the Philadelphia Marathon…)

Brooklyn Marathon, May 2012
Brooklyn Marathon, May 2012

3) Side-effects may include…

4) Losing my sunglasses…twice

5) Living in a perpetual state of jetlag (I love the travel; I greatly dislike the physical toll it sometimes takes.  And sometimes, it doesn’t.  And there’s no telling when it will or will not!)

6) The cancellation of the NYC Marathon.  I understand the reasons for the cancellation– I am talking about my silly, personal disappointment; my frustration with how it was handled; my absolute disgust with how other people personally attacked me, and my fellow runners.

For instance, Maria Bartiromo, the fact that you spat vile venom on national television about the race, but had the gall to tweet from the Knicks game is not something I will soon forget.  A marathon is a “yuppie sport” — one that raises MILLIONS of dollars for local and global charities — and should be shut down, but a professional sporting event that drains resources from the local community and puts MILLIONS of dollars in the pockets of advertisers and professional athletes is somehow worthy of going on?!

THAT was crap.

It was, perhaps, necessary to cancel the Marathon.  But the way it was (and frankly, continues to be) handled: Unacceptable.

7) Men with a sense of entitlement — a sense of entitlement so pronounced that they think they are entitled to make decisions about and/or help themselves to the bodies of women

8) Having to do without Excedrin for six long months (I have taken this drug every single day for 20+ years)


9) Mean girls being rewarded despite their meangirling other girls

10) The presumed norovirus that ruined my Thanksgiving Holiday with my family

11) White hairs (why is my hair growing in WHITE?!) and wrinkles, aka, the natural side-effects of no longer being in my twenties

12) Did I mention mean girls?

13) Loud talkers

14) Being judged on my diet coke consumption.  Seriously?! You have too much time on your hands

15) Struggling to manage people/stress/anxiety gracefully

I think the real challenge was that, for the vast majority of this crap, these things were out of my control.  I am a control freak.  I am such a control freak that most people don’t know the depths of my control freakiness.  I’m the kind of fool who schedules time to be relaxed; to lose control.  But we all have things that work.  That’s what works for me.  Though I suppose, to change some of the crap, I would accept the things I cannot control; I would let them bother me less.

Most of these things can be better dealt with that way.  But…when someone comes up with a cure for the common mean girl, please let me know.

I’m not sure that one’s so easily remedied.


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  1. Deliberate and strategic Diet Coke consumption is a sign of intelligence. Regular Coke consumption is just vulgar.

    All the other permutations of Caffeine Free, Zero, Decaf are an abomination.


  2. 1) F*ck mean girls
    2) Yum diet coke is my favorite. Don’t know who Smplefy is but AMEN
    3)NYC Marathon runners turned it all into something amazing. Sorry you couldn’t run it, but way to do something wonderful instead!

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