Change of Heart

Kat, Sarah, and I have collaborated to post a prompt-a-day in December. Check the #Reverb12 page for prompts and and take a look at the main page for the basic instructions on the project.

December 24: Change of heartDid you have a change of heart about something or someone in your life this year?  What or who was it?  Why?

As you know by now, I make a Big Deal out of everything.  My change of heart, however, is Not a Big Deal.

This year, I gave mushrooms a second shot, and as it turns out, they’re not half bad.  Cremini; shitake; plain ol’ white button?  Sounds fine to me.

I still think they all look like malformed penises though.  Still don’t understand how people can be mushroom enthusiasts.  But then again, I am A) a very visual person, and B) I don’t understand most obsessive passions.



While I will now admit that might be excellent in a stew, I otherwise rest my case.


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