Small Joys

I know I cannot give context for the challenges and weirdness of the first eight weeks of my 2013, but please allow me to enumerate some small joys that are keeping me keeping on:

1) Neil Diamond Radio on Sirius

2) My continued efforts at becoming the world’s worst professional amateur home “chef”


Potato Henge


Lemon aioli




Finished product.

3) Re-reading the tweets from our Parisian adventure



4) Adrienne Rich’s poems

Rich died of complications from rheumatoid arthritis in 2012.  This is horrible, and scary and profound to me — that this twisted thing inside of me kills people.  There are writers whose words rock my heart, and they die from this shit…this shit that I live with every day.  This thing that I go to bed with; that I wake up with.  That makes me look down and see the bruises on my thigh where I injected myself with my biologics, and because I was on another course of steroids, the needle left a mark.

It’s not just headaches, and joint aches, and emergency room visits, and bad news, and blood draws and needle-sticks…

…it actually kills people.

But there is something beautiful, too, in living with something that eventually kills.

5) Sometimes, and for once, saying “yes.” 


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  1. Darling, if you can make lemon aioli, pretty much you don’t need to know how to make anything else ever. Veggies? Lemon aioli. Meat? Lemon aioli. Crusty bread? Lemon aioli. Tater tots from a bag? Lemon aioli.

    p.s. I still suck big time at pan frying potatoes without leaving them either (1) raw in the center or (2) blackened beyond recognition. Carry on.

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