You Say It’s Your Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday…


In my office, the tradition is to have those “cookie cakes” delivered.  But I’m not a huge fan of cookies or pastry, save for the occasional black-and-white cookie.  And I think the office has “cookie fatigue,” so those things go largely uneaten.  Accordingly, I dropped a not-so-subtle hint that I wanted an ice cream cake.

(Read: I told everyone within earshot, who had ordering authority, and who asked that I wanted an ice cream cake for my birthday)

They made it happen.  They Went Big — vanilla with rainbow sprinkles and chunks of cookie dough on top, for good measure.

You know, I can be as passive-aggressive as the best of ’em. But I have discovered, lately, that simply telling people what I want generally gets me the things I really want.  Sure, it’s nice to be surprised, and yes, it is nice when people know without having to be told.

But the fact is, both givers and receivers are better off when the conversation goes:

What do you want for your birthday?

An ice cream cake.

Honesty and ice cream are much more delicious than passive-aggression and disappointment any day.


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  1. I absolutely tell anyone and everyone what I want for holiday gifts and birthdays but seldom do they listen. I love when people tell me what they desire however I’m not on the receiving end too often.

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