The Linkbait Conspiracy

Here’s the thing:

When I am super, overwhelmingly busy, every 90 minutes or so I make it a point to get up from my desk, stretch, refocus.  I try to do something else.  Maybe I check the news.  Maybe I check Twitter.  I find I am most productive if I give my brain a periodic break.  I think I read that in a Harvard Business Review article or or even Psychology Today years ago (probably while I was waiting in my shrink’s office), and it stuck with me.

At the time, I was working on some project or deal and feeling overwhelmed.  But as it turned out, that style of Block Work works well for me.

The trouble is: if my brain is really stressed, that’s when I fall victim to the HuffPo/Buzzfeed Linkbait.  Because by checking the news, I sometimes mean, clicking the linkbait-iest links in my Twitter feed.

The latest in the comings and goings in the lives of America’s sweethearts, the Family Kardash!an?  Yes.  Bring it on.

Lion Eats Couple Having Sex in a Bush?  Absolutely.


These Adorable Baby Meerkats Beat the Odds? Girl, please, I am all over that.


This White House Protestor Knitted (sic) a Giant Map of the US Budget?  Hilarious.  Tell me more.

I want to be better than this.  I want to take a break from my work or life and read important news.  I want to want to be up on the latest in what’s happening in law and politics.

Instead, I can tell you all about baby animals and Kim and Kanye’s baby.  And the Where are they now? of all the seasons of Teen Mom.

Folks, this is not my finest hour.


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  1. Oh, you aren’t the only one! The problem is the important stuff is just as heavy as your work. It doesn’t end up feeling like a mind break. So, yes, Kim and Kenye are suddenly more intriguing than they ever should be.

  2. I’ve the same guilty pleasure with Teen Mom 2, Kardashian in any city and the list goes on. I do find it therapeutic not to think of the life and death situations my daughters are living with their Degenerative Muscle Disease and how helpless I feel about that fact.

    • It’s so true, right? Sometimes I think these are not even “guilty pleasures” — but ordinary and necessary ones! I am thinking good thoughts for you and your daughters, too. Esp now that I know you and I are kindred spirits in our Kardashian love. 🙂 X

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