Can She Make…

What talent do you have that your usual blog readers don’t know about? Talk about a time when you showed it to its best advantage.

Little known fact:

IMG-20111002-00206 IMG-20111002-00207 IMG-20111002-00208 IMG-20111002-00209 IMG-20111002-00210 IMG-20111002-00211 IMG-20111002-00212 IMG-20111002-00213 IMG-20111002-00214 IMG-20111002-00215 IMG-20111002-00216 IMG-20111002-00217

I am actually a decent baker.  And I make well-received fruit pies.

(This was perhaps not the prettiest example or best example of baking I have done, but it is, nonetheless, an example that I do, in fact, possess the bake-it-from-scratch skillz necessary to survive.)

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  1. I’m just thankful that it looks like maybe there is wine in the apple peeling-shot. This is the most important part of All Cooking.

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