The truth is:

I am existentially exhausted.

The truth is:

It is almost the second anniversary of the day I was hit by the car.  I don’t think about that whole thing very often at all any more.  But over the weekend, my parents were in town, and my father kept bringing up Cheating Bill.

I love my parents very much.  But they ask a lot of questions to which I simply have no answers.

The truth is:

I am trying very hard.  I am trying to feel like a human in the midst of A Whole Lot of Things.  I wonder why people are Not Nice.  I wonder why people demand so much.

The truth is:

I woke up this morning with an inexplicably sore hip.  Not tight IT band sore, but sore-in-the-socket sore.  Sore in the way that a figure-4-or-pigeon-won’t-easily-cure-sore.

I have been tumbling; turning; wrestling; fighting through some kind of darkness here.

The truth is:

Nothing is so bad as it seems.  Everything is going to be Okay.

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  1. Your post caused me to run quickly to the halls of the Google Beit Midrash. There is, of course, much to dig through but there are themes starting to pop (“Jacob struggle hip psychoanalytic” might be the best search I’ve put together all year).

    For you, this: may your struggle be for a blessing and may morning’s light reveal to you a transformation.

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