Two Weeks in the Life — Thrashing Thursday

It is springtime in New York, and I wake up in my own home with absolutely no idea where I am.  Last night I fell asleep on top of the covers, and I wake up sideways on the bed, with the lights up and the radio on.  I did not lock the front door.

The contents of my suitcase are spilled on the floor.

It takes me a moment to realise that I am home, with the diffuse sunlight streaming through the window sheers.

I feel groggy and nauseated, and had fallen asleep with wet, unbrushed hair, so my head is a mat of waves and ringlets.

Why do I feel sick?  Did I pick something up on the plane?  Did I forget to take some medication last night?  I run my foggy brain through the list of pills, stumble to the kitchen to see what, if anything, is left in my pillbox.

It is then that I see I had tried to make myself dinner and had fallen asleep mid-sandwich.


The trick of travel, by the way, is to drink at least 2L of water a day.  It is to take medications on the same timetable as I would if I were in NY — for instance, if I consume the sulfasalazine at 7am each day in New York, in London, I take it at noon, and in Asia, I swallow the yellow tabs at 7pm.

The other tricks are also as follows:


Rose Vaseline, coconut oil, hydrabebe, and nuun.  Emollients and electrolytes — that’s all it takes to survive and look human.  Rose Vaseline for the lips; coconut oil for the hair and body; hydrabebe for the face and hands; nuun to mix in with water — electrolyte tabs of champions — great for popping into my Nalgene bottle when filled once past airport security and fabulous for hangovers.

Oh, and this:

698956_fpxAn eye-brightening pencil from Trish McEvoy.  Works like magic every time — I’ve discovered no better way to fake being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

I digress.  But I am thinking about this since these are all jumbled on the floor beside my bed.

Right now, I am sick to my stomach and dizzy, stumbling around my own apartment in the springtime morning light.

I make my way into the office and fumble through my day.  Through calls and events and all of the things that I am supposed to be doing in New York.

It feels weird to have been gone, but it feels normal again.  As if anything has been or could be such a thing.

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