Two Weeks in the Life — Snuggle Sunday

We’ve come to the end of this narrative adventure.

I woke up late again today. I feel like crap.  The thing about this illness is: it’s a shape-shifting suckfest.

But today, Roo is home; I am home; New York is home, at least for now.

It has all been worth it.

It was worth the rash that began in Hong Kong and spread:


(Oh, Internet, I’m not afraid of showing you what one of these rashes looks like.  This is my reality.)

It was worth all the weird and wonderful moments in Singapore:




It was worth an overnight flight to London; straightening my hair; fighting persistent jetlag:

mere in londonIt was worth the gentle chastising of the Fortune Cookie Prophet, who implied that my harshness; my eagerness to pick a fight was perhaps not serving me well:


It was worth the strange and too-short weekend.

It is worth these stolen, snuggle Sunday moments.

roo in bed

It is always worth it.

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