Last night, was the awarding of the Maraca of Doom; our annual Sinko de Winesday party.


The Maraca is an award given each year to a member of the Winesday family who has made the best, or most noteworthy, or ridiculous, or embarrassing showing where alcohol was involved.

This year, there were three contenders:  KC, Rebex, and Matthew.  I cannot detail the specific circumstances of their nominations, but suffice it to say, each was legendary in its own right, and this year’s was a tough field.

The award went to Matthew.  And so, it was the beginning of the beginning — a steppingstone to other, great things to come.

I understand that the word “cinco” is not spelled “sinko” and I further understand that last night was actually “Diez de Mayo.”  I further understand that “Cinco de Mayo” itself is a made-up American holiday, and Mexican independence day is in September.

However, Sinko de Mayo derives its name from a Cinco de Mayo party three years ago, which I believe was actually on Cinco de Mayo, wherein someone vomited in grand fashion in my sink.

Last night’s event was tame in comparison.  A lot has happened in three years!

I would be lying if I said that I haven’t struggled through the ways that this group has changed over the past year in particular — because that change has been dramatic.  And I would be lying if I said that I felt like I should’ve had (or that I have wanted) some control.  I would also be lying if I said that I hadn’t sought counsel on this; if I said that I hadn’t gone to someone I trust and said: What am I doing wrong; what can I do better; what am I doing right?

And the answer:  Nothing.  Nothing is wrong; nothing is right.  But you, Meredith, can do better by sitting back; listening; accepting.

The waiting and watching and being and living — that’s all the hardest part.  Living through a transition?  Torture.  But torture is not always bad.

Er.  I mean that kind of torture is not always bad.  Nor is change.  Everything’s changing.  And I am not in control of that.  Which I am coming/have come to accept.

But the real point here is that last night was a tradition I cherish, and the company was lovely, and as we grow and become something bigger and better than what we ever have been, I hope that we do gather to celebrate this silly thing for a long time to come.


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