Reasons to Love New York, Part II

super grover!!Admittedly, I’ve only been to the Thanksgiving Day Parade once, about a decade ago, when I had to skip going to Yosemite for a variety of law school-related reasons.  I went with a friend from UCLA who was doing a six-month rotation in New York for her job.  She is now married and living in Seattle, and I am now divorced and living in New York.

In New York, our parades are full-on; peculiar; unstoppable. The Easter Bonnets.  The Halloween Costumes.  The various ethic-day festivals.  But Thanksgiving Day is particularly well-known and awe-inspiring.

Of all the various balloons and floats I’ve seen, I’ve always loved this photo I snapped of Super Grover.  While not my favourite Muppet, his preposition song “Over, Under, Around and Through” is probably one of the clips from Sesame Street I remember best from my childhood.

And it dovetails nicely with one of the maxims by which I live by life:  The only way out is through.

(Throughout the month of June, I’ll be writing a series of New York-related posts, and/or inviting some friends to guest post about their New York experiences, to celebrate my eight years in New York City.)

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