Reasons to Love New York, Part IV

There are lots of huge, amazing, remarkable-feats-of-architecture-and-engineering reasons to love New York:


The Brooklyn Bridge, for one.


The Verrazano Narrows Bridge (on Marathon Morning, 2011 — Marathon Day being the most remarkable day of the year!)


The Triboro Bridge (as seen from the Willis Avenue Bridge)


The Manhattan Bridge


The Willis Avenue Bridge (on the morning of the Marathon That Didn’t Happen)


The Queensboro (Ed Koch) Bridge (as seen from the FDR Memorial on Roosevelt Island)


The Gapstow Bridge over the Pond in Central Park

Whatever bridge you may cross in New York City, rest assured, it will be beautiful, and adventure will await you on both sides of the crossing.

(Throughout the month of June, I’ll be writing a series of New York-related posts, and/or inviting some friends to guest post about their New York experiences, to celebrate my eight years in New York City.)

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