Sugar and Spice

It is widely known that the Upper East Side has crap food.  If you are a “foodie” (which I am not), you might even consider it a “food desert.”  (This would also make you a “drama queen.”)  For instance, the closest Whole Foods is the shitty Whole Foods in the East Fifties (if we gave our Whole Foods nicknames like the nickname the Safeways in DC, this would be the equivalent of the “Secret Safeway.”)  The best we can do in terms of other health foods is a variety of weird specialty shops, and the storefronts of faddish yuppie “juiceries.”

We have a Fairway, but shopping there is one of the most aggressively unpleasant experiences known to mankind (or at least, known to Meredith).  It’s like the upmarket version of the Trader Joe’s in Union Square shopping experience, which is to say that on a weekend  morning, the check-out line begins at the store entrance; everyone’s in a horrible mood; the products and prices are worth it, but you are likely to come out with bruises and a black eye for your troubles.

Our restaurant scene is also pretty abysmal, with a few notable openings in the past few years, but I’m not going to tell you what they are, because I don’t want you going to them.  I want you to stay the heck out of my ‘hood.

I will, however, share this with you:

This past weekend, Paul came to visit, and after trekking all over to take in the City sights and sounds — from Downtown, to the West Village; from Soho to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade (more on that Epic Accident later), we ended the weekend with…

Le Churro.

Do you like churros?  I grew up mostly in California, and by the time I was in my late teens, had travelled around France and Spain, so churros simply always were to me.  But for the uninitiated, it seems that churros are an anomaly; an extraordinary delicacy; the unicorn of the pastry world.

Basically, they’re just fried tubes of eggless dough rolled in sugar; considered by some to be a Spanish “donut.”  They’re popular throughout Spain; France; Latin America; the United States.  You can pick one up in the shadow on the Eiffel Tower, or the Statue of Liberty.

And despite the fact that we’re known for being the worst place in Manhattan to get a meal, on the UES, we have the pleasure of an outpost of a shop that sells…churros.  Just…cones full of churros.


I decided that before Paul left town, we should stop by Le Churro.  Admittedly, I had been eyeballing it every time I left Bikram, but even my legendary sweet tooth could not reconcile picking up pastry on the way to/from yoga.  

We popped into the shop on a hot afternoon, and he got his churros with the peanutbutter chocolate sauce; I picked strawberry sauce.   He ordered a side nutella-banana shake; I got a lemonade.

The treat was…divine.

Even if you believe the Upper East Side is a food desert; even if you wouldn’t be caught dead crossing the Park or going above 14th Street, the churros are worth it.

Le Churro
1236 Lexington Ave @ 83rd Street
Hours: 630a – 10.00p (7 days)
Pictured: Nutella-Banana shake; house-made lemonade; 2 cones of churros with chocolate peanut butter sauce and strawberry sauce
Verdict: Will make an Uptowner out of you

(Throughout the month of June, I’ll be writing a series of New York-related posts, and/or inviting some friends to guest post about their New York experiences, to celebrate my eight years in New York City.)


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