Dog Days

I sent the dog out to Connecticut to Katka and Matthew’s in the end of June/most of July, as I was travelling for a good chunk of the summer.  In my mind, this was the rough equivalent of sending him to summer camp?

At least, that was how I made myself feel better about…abandoning him.

He was excited to see me when I went to pick him up.  It was not *quite* the equivalent of a “solider returning from the front” YouTube clip.  It was more “wayward yuppie asshole makes her way home from extended Western European business travel/holiday.”

But like I said, Roo was excited.  I was maybe more excited than he was, but it was a happy reunion, nonetheless.

He seized upon the opportunity and had me doing all sorts of stupid tricks.


But I think even the shaggy dog was surprised by how much I had missed him.  I had missed him…ferociously.  His mere presence is calming to me.  The routine of walking him calms me; gives my life order.  Knowing I need to take care of him keeps me present.

Also…how can you resist that face?


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