The First Summer Streets

I bought new running shoes last week.


Because I was wayyyyy overdue for new ones.  Behold:


No, don’t look at my gams, and yes, I am wearing shorts in this photo.  Look at the shoes.  And the fancy duct-tape.  The tape, itself, is cool.  But the fact that I had reached a point where I actually had to tape my shoes together because my toes were poking out says…something.  Not sure what.

Actually, given the trajectory of 2013-to-date, I’m not really sure about anything anymore.

I digress.

The point is that I bought new shoes, and I wore them to run the first Summer Streets — which I posted about in June.  Summer Streets is an event where the City shuts down Park Avenue from E. 72nd to Brooklyn Bridge Park (where Park has turned into Lafayette St), and it is open, free of traffic, to bikers, runners, walkers.  It’s really lovely.

The day began rather drearily, with intermittent drizzle and downpour.  It was even a little chilly.  But the run was pleasant enough, and I made it from the East Side all the way down to Brooklyn Bridge Park before turning around.


(Foley Square)

I headed back up into Soho, before I hit my mileage target and peeled off.  I am injury prone these days, so I’m trying not to…over-train.  To train gently.  Insofar as one can train gently for a marathon.  It’s a bit like…performing brainsurgery with a chainsaw, I suppose.


Summer Streets runs for two more weekends in August, and while I am not one to promote events on behalf of the government, I really have enjoyed running this each time I have participated.  I strongly recommend you check it out.

Also, and perhaps just as importantly, I strongly recommend the “duck tape” brand duct-tape.  Makes for a killer toe-cap on a worn-out, brokedown pair of trainers.

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