When in Doubt: Improvise!

I was transferring photos from my phone to my computer the other day, and came across a gem from our Spanish Adventure.

During our hasty trip to Spain, I realised I’d forgotten a belt, and there were simply (inexplicably) no belts to be found in Barcelona.  Spanish women apparently do not wear trousers. I couldn’t even pay some one in the currency of THEIR choosing for a belt (and I had a number of currencies to offer…)

You see, I had employed the “throw stuff into a suitcase and hope for the best” method of packing for that trip, and had managed to bring several sundresses, all of which should’ve been worn with a belt.  The dress I had planned to wear to our last dinner in town, however, looked like a very fancy bath towel without a belt, and as I was hovering at the intersection of “Spanish Women Don’t Wear Belts” and “Desperate,” it seemed my dinner outfit was doomed.

After some back and forth with eee about whether SHE had a belt, and in desperation, asking PG if HE had a belt, I finally took the shoulder strap off my briefcase, looped it around my waist a few times, et voila!


A belt.

The lesson here is: Beggars can’t be choosers.

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