Things That Are Not Worth Freaking Out Over Today

1) Dog hair.  So. Much. Dog. Hair.

2) Errant text messages

3) Chipped nailpolish

4) Missing phone calls you should’ve taken

5) Stuff that didn’t happen but might’ve

6) White eyebrows

7) The ones who got away

8) The ones who let you get away…and blame you for it

9) That one semester’s imperfect grade point average from the 1990’s

10) The times you were unkind to your grandparents, but the memories only flashed back after they were gone

11) Your ex-husband moving on

12) The people who will never see you as you want to be seen, or treat you with the respect with which you deserve to be treated

14) That perfect pair of white linen trousers that were ruined by a soy tea latte

15) Not driving those two hours outside of Orlando in 2004, even though you didn’t know — couldn’t have known! — it would be the last chance you’d ever have

16) The fact that Time Warner Cable still owes you $350 because they insist you have a modem of theirs and you don’t (and you cancelled their service 3 years ago)

17) The Philadelphia Marathon finish

18) Being on the receiving end of someone’s moral superiorty complex

19) Running out of Q-tips

20) People who lie


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  1. I needed to be reminded if some I these and the overall sentiment. I am feeling like quite the idiot this evening, but as the husband says, what is meant to be will be. Deep breath in, long exhale out.

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