Thirty Days

Today marks 30 Days till Race Day for the NYC Marathon.  This will be my 13th marathon and my brother’s first.  We will run together — and on November 3rd, we’ll be a marathoning family.

I asked my brother to write a bit about his experience as we came up to this point, and he agreed.  While I know I’m known as the more…verbose…of the two of us, there’s no one better-placed to talk about this experience than Matthew himself.

Without further ado…a guest post by my brother Matt:

Why did I decide to run the marathon?  I thought this would be easy to write.  The catalyst I guess was when I finished my first half marathon and felt as if I could go another 13 miles.  The feeling I experienced when I finished was like nothing I had ever felt.  That’s saying a lot when it comes to my life!

As for me, I spent a significant portion of my young adult life doing drugs and living in Los Angeles County jail.  I never thought I would ever return from that miserable experience.  I say that until my sister introduced me to the love of running.  I can just throw my ear buds in and run. I rock out to my favorite tunes as I let my mind chill.  I figure that’s the reason why I’m running the marathon and writing this essay.

I was and never have been one to do something on this level.  Words can’t explain how I feel to be a part of this experience.  As I sit back and take inventory of my life, I realize I have a lot to take in.  This marathon will be a gigantic step toward that.   

About my brother Matthew:


Matt is a media professional who has worked in all areas of the radio business, but most recently, in editing and managing aspects of audio and digital content.  He’s for-hire, so get him while he’s hot.  This will be his first marathon; a major step forward in his life; our lives; the life of our family.

Each day that I hear about his training, or talk with him about how this process has gone, I am so impressed, so blessed, so humbled by his perseverance and by his willingness to take the road less travelled through recovery.

My brother; my hero.

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