Apples to Apples

We went apple picking last weekend.


We went out on Saturday morning to Katka and Matthew’s in Norwalk.  We had rented a car for the occasion, as Metro North had been messed up for weeks. From there, we drove to Litchfield, CT for apple picking and wine tasting.

Paul had come in from Dublin on Friday night, and we had made the drive early Saturday.  We then spent the day looking at the rapidly-changing New England leaves; eating fresh-off-the-tree apples and pears; sipping wine on the patio of a winery not far from downtown Litchfield.  We made it back to Norwalk in the early evening, where Katka and Matthew barbecued dinner, and we sat around drinking beer that Matthew had brewed himself, and playing Cards Against Humanity.

(If you’ve never played it, you should.  At a dinner party I’d thrown a few weeks prior, I’d decided I wanted to play the game that very night and hadn’t bothered to check into ordering it beforehand.  One can download a deck of the game cards, and I’d conscripted Tink, who had happened to be visiting, to help tape the cut-outs to index cards in order to properly play.)

It was a practically perfect Autumn day.

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