To The Lighthouse, Once More

The WoWs went to Montauk over the weekend.  It was two days filled with girlfriends, dogs, wine, and sunshine.

Roo was pretty pleased about this.

roo in montauk

On Saturday, Bethany, Sonja and I decided to go for a morning run out to the lighthouse.  I had taken what I thought was a non-narcotic painkiller before the run, as I am coping with some end-of-season injuries, but was instead I had accidentally taken a pre-run muscle relaxer.  FAIL.  Halfway through the run, I started to get wobbly and woozy.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was going so very wrong.

The run along Montauk Highway was beautiful nonetheless.

montauk hwy

We reached the lighthouse and took some photos.

montauk with girls

It’s always strange, this time of year, to be on the Sound.  I remember, the weekend before I was married, going to the lighthouse at the top of Block Island, staring across the sound, looking out at Long Island; at all the possibilities.  The weekend before I’d filed for our separation, Jade, Clementine and I had been Out East, and we’d been at this very same spot.  I’d jumped the Sound; made it across.  But I’d had no idea where I was going or what I was doing.

And now…

Here I was, past all that.  I was back at the lighthouse, again, but with a purpose this time.

montauk lighthouse

We started on our run/walk back to the house we’d rented, and once we arrived back home, I slept for most of the afternoon because….ugh.

We spent the evening playing board games, and laughing and drinking.  It was a good night.  Good food, good friends, good times.

Sunday morning, as the weekend was drawing to a close, Roo got me up early and we snuck out for some quiet moments alone on Ditch Plains beach as the sun rose.


We left later that day, and it was generally a perfect weekend.

montauk 1

(Not pictured, Katka, who snapped this shot after the auto-timer failed)

I didn’t realise the weekend’s perfection until after it was done.  I was a bit caught up, at the time, in Other Things Going On.

It is easy to get caught up in the externalities.  It is easy to become frustrated by the minor slights, or become enraged by the things that Should Have Happened But Didn’t.

Why didn’t you defend me?

Why didn’t you do this, that, or the other?

Why are you still friends with HER?

The reality is, by this time of year EVERY YEAR, I somehow find myself…spent.  I find myself focusing on the things that I do not have instead of the things that I do.

Why is this?

I have:

*Amazing friends
*Friends who donate to the causes that are important to me, enabling us to raise almost $6,000 for Team for Kids in just TWO MONTHS!
*A loyal dog
*A terrific partner
*A great career
*A body that works, even when it doesn’t work
* All of the things I want and need, and more that I could ever hope for

In short, I have…everything.  These physical and emotional and personal and professional frustrations are merely temporary.  The stuff that is important is here to stay.


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