Fleet Feet – A Meditation on Miles

A guest post by my friend Kat.

Once upon a time an idea so big that it could not be spoken was scrawled down and tucked away, safely into a journal.

I think I want to run a marathon. I think I could do it.

I Think I Could turned into I Will.  I will became I Can.  I Can is now I Am.

November is meant to be about thankfulness, I know.

So I will not attempt to solve the mystery of what thanks can be found in Mile 20.  The true nature of The Wall is not something we can know.

The thanks we know is in giving all.

For each footstep.  We give thanks.

For every breath.  We give thanks.

For the feet hitting the pavement in time with ours.  We give thanks.

For each stranger-turned-volunteer who hands us a cup of water at an aid station.  We give thanks.

For each chew, gu, and shot block we choke down without hurling.  We give thanks.

For every sign that that takes our mind away from the eternity of the course ahead.  We give thanks.

For 45 degree start line temperatures, partially cloudy skies and delicate tailwinds.  We give thanks.

For the friends and family who wait.  And crane.  And hope.  And shout.  Not only for us but for all who set foot on the course.  We give thanks.

For the mysterious runner we pace off of for miles at a time.  We give thanks.

For the countdown from Mile 20 to Mile 26.  We give thanks.

 For the sacred space of the finish line.  Sanctified, you called it.  We give thanks.

As we come to know it, not only through running, but in all things: Grace is but glory begun, and glory is but grace perfected.

And so we give thanks.

Strong legs and a safe finish,



Kat is a frequent guest blogger and the woman behind the curtain at Tenaciously Yours.  A dear and beloved friend, as well as a fellow distance runner, Kat is someone I am grateful to have with me in my Finish Line Moments.


Throughout the month of November, I will be posting stories of change, gratitude, forgiveness, and grace — both my own words, and the tales of carefully selected guest voices.

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