Kat, Sarah, and I have once again collaborated on Project Reverb — a prompt-a-day writing project throughout the month of December.  Check out the Project Reverb page for instructions, and to sign up to receive the #Reverb13 prompts in your in-box daily.

December 3: Brave: What was the bravest thing you did in 2013?

I’ve struggled all day to write this.  Mostly because I am not sure how, exactly, I was brave this year.

Or I am not sure the ways in which I think I was brave really count.

Yes, I have stood up to bullies.  BIG bullies.  BIG, scary bullies who hid behind acronyms and titles like cockroaches cowering in the shadows.  Yes, I have taken on myriad challenges, and run dozens of races, and travelled to all kinds of places, and Done Things.

But is that; was that…being brave?

Probably not.  All of that was just…life.

I think, more likely, the bravery was in the baby steps.  It was in being open, and taking chances, and saying yes when I desperately wanted to say, no.  It was finally being ready after many years of NOT, to accept help, and love, and to withstand the discomfort of being wrong and admitting it.

But I guess what I am trying to say is that after a very long time of just spinning my wheels, I think I was finally brave enough to Try.


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