Skymall, Etc.

It is no secret that I fly a lot.

And it is probably no surprise, then, that I am marginally obsessed with SkyMall.  I have been since I was a little girl.  Yes, the catalogues are always weirdly dirty and dog-eared.  Yes, they are always tucked into the seat-pocket next to the vomit bag, and yes, the are periodically flecked with the detritus of previous passengers’ snacks and meals.

But still, I love SkyMall.

Because where else would one find this?

photo skymall 2

1) I am not kidding.  This is actually A Thing.  This is an Actual Photo of an Actual Edition of SkyMall that I Actually Snapped on an Actual Plane. 2) For $49.99, you too can potty train your cat faster than most people can train their kids.

photo skymall 1

I am also not kidding about this.  It’s like someone found a men’s shirt factory that had been sealed since 1993, accidentally blew up half of it, and was left with shreds and shards of really crappy-looking shirts.  Instead of cutting his losses, he decided Let’s just stitch all these remnants together and voila! One of a kind shirts for one of a kind men!

photo skymall 3

Just what I always wanted.  An acrylic-on-canvas of my dog posed as a 17th Century French General.  SkyMall, it’s like you know me better than I know me.

Admittedly, after I snapped all these pictures, I went home and started googling SkyMall to see if they had a website, or if I just had to order things out of a catalogue.  To be honest, I sort-of hoped it was the catalogue-only option, because that was so weirdly dated and quaint that it fit in with my Big Picture view of SkyMall.

Alas, they had a website.

photo skymall 6

I’m now doubling up my monthly contributions to my savings in anticipation of  buying that country home, just so I have some place to hang this little fella.

Truth be told, the SkyMall website is nowhere near as exciting as the paper version, which is always a lovely and unexpected adventure.  I am just so lucky to have been raised on catalogues.

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