Small Mercies

These tiny, beautiful things were on my mind…

– Having a very good surgeon;

– Growing out my wild blonde hair;

– A sale to the tune of >60% off on those J Crew boots I had coveted (and as a result of said sale, am now wearing);

– The WoWs, without whom, I would be lost; I would be nothing;

This beautiful essay by my friend Amanda;

– The roasted duck ramen from the noodle place I like on the Upper East Side;

– That this is Week Three, or the first time Paul and I have gone longer than two weeks without seeing each other since August;

– Finally being approved for Global Entry (don’t ask);

– Pictures of Yosemite;

– Watching the dog romp in the snow;

– Being constantly reminded that I am not the first one to ever go through this stuff; that I will not be the last; that I am not alone.

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  1. This tiny, beautiful thing has been on my mind: you are sharing your writing again. Thank you. (I even emailed Kat during your quiet to see if there was anybody else who came close to writing like you do.)

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