I’ve been taking a brief break lately — not fully intentional!  I was recovering from surgery, then travel, then more travel and a couple of huge projects, then I got wildly, unexpectedly sick.  Bah humbug.  I’m on the mend now, but going to bed at 9pm every day is not terribly conducive to blogging.

But I’m back, however briefly, to share that I’m a guest on Sarah’s podcast this week, and we’re chatting about being recovering perfectionists, sharing the ugly stuff, personal mantras, and rest/recovery, and anticipating the road ahead.

Please be sure to check out Sarah’s blog and subscribe to her podcast via iTunes.  That way, you can hear what I sound like IRL, especially that weird question mark I make with my voice when I’m thinking too hard about what I’m going to say.

During this break, I’ve been weirdly busy, but also had a certain amount of time to read other writers, and enjoy the challenge of my work, and take in things that I feel like I’ve been missing.  It’s that old wisdom from the Sermon on the Mount; the old speck-of-sawdust-and-plank thing.  I kept talking and talking and talking trying to tell people how to get specs of sawdust out of their eyes, but I wasn’t taking care of myself enough to notice the plank in my own.

I’ll be back very soon with new stuff.  But in the meantime, please check out Sarah’s blog and podcast.

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  1. I had such fun listening to your podcast! It also reminded me that a few years back I made a little printable for my cube that says “Be firm, be fair, be consistent. Avoid the Doritos at all costs.” Sage advice.

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