A Week in the Life: Stuff the International Woman of Mystery Likes

I have to travel this week.  I have to travel a lot.  This week, though, I find myself at the murky delta of “trying to be proactive by sending out laundry” and “forgetting that the laundry service switched vendors and is now on a 48-hr lag so all of my underwear is somewhere in Yonkers instead of washed and folded and packed in my suitcase.”

Woo hoo!  This girl is getting new underpants!


If I am not travelling for work, it is because I am going to see Paul.

And if I’m not getting on a plane because I’m working or seeing Paul, it’s for a race, or a wedding, or a family event.

I travel a lot.

That said, here are some of my fav resources and things for travel:

1) Drinks:


I love my 0.5L bkr bottle. I had been using plastic bottles and Nalgenes and continued to read about the horrors of BPA and non-BPA substitutes. Being the alarmist that I am, I just switched to glass.  Also, this is prettier than my ratty, beloved Nalgene (rest in peace!).

2) Apps:

I am a devoted iPhone user, and here are some of the apps I like:

photo 1

photo 2

(Unsure how these two photos ended up such different sizes.)

None of these apps should be a revelation, but I will tell you that they have all been lifesavers at one point or another.  I am also weirdly obsessed with TripAdvisor.   We can’t go anywhere or stay anywhere unless I have consulted TripAdvisor.

I generally use all of these apps.  Yes, even the embarrassing goop one, which occasionally has some great suggestions, regardless of how one feels about Gwyneth Paltrow.

3) Mist:


At some point in my life, I became one of those women who has one of these things in every single one of her handbags.  I feel so old, and so weird, but when you are flying from NY to Hong Kong and the humidity level in the cabin is about the same as the Sahara and your skin is flaking off in sheets, these are a godsend.


4) Lips


I go through this thing with lip-stuff.  I have had a love-hate relationship with the Malin + Goetz lipbalm/serum/goop since they came out with it.  Sometimes, I am a big fan of the Vaseline Rose stuff.  Sometimes, I am a fan of plan ol’ Aquaphor.  And sometimes, I go back to this expensive-but-effective Malin + Goetz since it has some serious staying power.

I tend to like more unisex products (with the exception of the Vaseline rose balm) — and this definitely fits that bill.  While I do often prefer the scents associated with women’s products, I find that unisex/men’s products often last longer.  This is one of those great non-gendered products that goes on a bit shiny, but lasts for hours and hours and is great to slick on at the start of a flight.

A little goes a long way.

5) Cream:


I am obsessed with this cream.  I have the 6 oz jar at home, and the 2 oz bottle in my travel bag.  It has no irritants, and it’s like…butter for your face.  I tend to use coconut oil on my eyes and as a make-up remover, but…let’s just say that coconut oil doesn’t always travel well.  The First Aid Beauty cream is non-greasy, scent-free and generally wonderful.  I have survived a long, dry winter and a many long-haul flights by the grace of this terrific product.

To be honest, I could show you the photo of my half-packed suitcase.  I could snap a picture of my ransacked closet and emptied out handbags as I frantically tried to find clothes and bags to take on this trip for which I am grossly underprepared.

But I’m not going to do that. The uncomfortable parts of living this life, well, they simply are, and whether I like them or not, they’re here to stay for now.  I’m proud to say that the bed got made; the trash got taken out; and I remembered to chuck the malingering clementines from the five pound box that was just slightly too much for me to handle on my own.

Part of what I like about this phase of my life is realising what I am okay with.

I am okay with my dry skin, and my hectic life, and congratulating myself on taking out the trash, and yet failing to have clean laundry for a trip for which I had at least two weeks’ notice.

Mostly, though, I am proud that I can eat nearly five pounds of clementines on my own.

Small victories.

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