East Coast Girls Are Hip…

I wish they all could be California Girls
– The Beach Boys, California Girls

We went to California during the first week of July.

IMG_3479It was part work/part pleasure. We started in San Francisco.


Saw friends; enjoyed the city; happened upon the Pride Parade, and bumped into more friends.


It was a great way to start the trip.


Then onward, to Big Sur.


And the Hearst Castle.  They have zebras.  And I always forget that everyone else in the world says zeb-ra, not zee-bra, the way Americans do.  So when Paul tried to point them out, I had no idea what he was trying to say.

Speak American, darling.


Then on to Santa Barbara.



From there, we drove to my parents’ house.  More friends; more family.  Hooray!

Celebrated Fourth of July with my family.


(One of these siblings lives on the East Coast, and one lives on the West Coast, and I betcha can’t tell which is which).


A good trip was had by all.

Especially Paul, who asked me to take this picture laying back so only one of his chins was apparent in the photo.

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