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Gorgeous | When did you feel beautiful this year? Why?


There is nothing particularly special about this photo.

I had just arrived home from a flight from Hong Kong, after a brutal trip through Asia. I had been in Thailand the night that Bethany gave birth to SBG, and woke up to triumphant messages that he’d arrived. I had swung back through Hong Kong for meetings and then a wonderful dinner with a girlfriend, and had had far too much to drink; consequently suffering through the ferocious grogginess on a flight to Shanghai the next day. I’d stumbled around Shanghai in a surreal blur, remembering it from my days there Before the Crash; Before Everything Had Happened, leaving some financial services guys in weird awe that they didn’t have to babysit me and walk me around because I could navigate the city with relative ease.

(Spoiler alert: Pudong looks like West LA. If someone kidnapped you and brought you to Shanghai blind-folded, and you woke up in Pudong, you might mistake it for Century City if you didn’t immediately see the identifying tower).

This photo was snapped in one of those elusive, beautiful moments when I felt like I could handle what life threw at me. When I got off a plane confidently and didn’t feel defeated by the world.

That illusion was shattered about 10 seconds later when the phone rang after midnight with work calls battering down my eardrum. But for one brief minute, I was sparkles, and sunshine, and radiant skin, and clear-eyes from having slept 14 hours of a 17 hour flight. And I had figured out the problems of the world, and I had gotten the dog to sit still for a selfie (for once!), and I was loved, and I was good enough, and smart enough, and Everything Was Okay.

It was gorgeous. In my big bedroom in my little bachelorette pad, I was gorgeous. Nobody even had to be looking.

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  1. “This photo was snapped in one of those elusive, beautiful moments when I felt like I could handle what life threw at me. ” — wonderful. I love these moments and I’m glad you posted it. Because we can FEEL viscerally the moment again, just by looking at the photo. Don’t forget. Good job, girl.

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