Daily Life: Tuesday

#Reverb15 is the opportunity for us to reflect and project throughout 2015.   Each month, KatSarah and I will be posting on a new prompt.  Please check out the #ProjectReverb main page and join in.

Daily Life | Show us a day or a week of your life! Include pictures!

Tuesday, April 14: While I am normally not one to go out two school nights in a row, my friend Jean was launching her book Icebox Cakes at Baked in Tribeca, and there were promises of booze and cake. I will admit that the cake and wine helped motivate me to go below 59th Street on a school night.

(At some point in the last six years, I became One of Those People who snorts and sniffs when I have to leave the Upper East Side, acting like I have been banished to Outer Mongolia rather than having been invited to a party south of Canal.)

I arrived maybe 15 minutes into the event to a packed house. Jean and her ginger mane looked amazing (I’m told her hair smelled amazing too, but I decided to stick with convention and not ask to sniff the hostess’s hair), and all of the treats were delicious. It was also a fun crowd – which I discovered when I randomly started talking to strangers, since I had come alone.

I stopped by the table set up at the front of the shop to talk to Jean; made her sign my book. I had also really (reallllly) wanted to get a picture with her mom, who is pretty much a celebrity (a fact you know if you follow Jean on social media), but I didn’t want to be That Girl who turned up at the party to guzzle the Prosecco, eat the cakes, and start getting weird with people not personally known to her.


To be honest, the place was so packed, I’m not really sure anyone would’ve noticed me being That Girl, but I decided against it nonetheless. I just flashed Jean’s mom a couple of creepy, winning smiles like I was about to ask her about her personal relationship with Jesus, and headed back uptown.

Sometimes, I miss being A Writer. Sometimes I miss the culture and community and all the people I used to know. Sometimes, I wonder if — when I decided to be In The Trenches with the work I do now — I had known what I would be giving up, I would have made a different choice.

But this is what I’m doing now. And that is Okay.

And hey, I’ve got friends who have parties with wine and free cake!

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