Daily Life: Friday

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Friday, April 17: Strand came over for dinner.

Our lives have chanced so much over the years! I have known Strand since she was freshman in college and I had just moved to New York. I had shown up on Staten Island to be a sorority advisor, and was wholly unprepared for what Staten Island was.

I had landed at the ferry terminal in my herringbone trousers, and my preppy cashmere half-zip with a popped collar underneath, topped with the red coat I wore back in those days. And I walked into a too-hot room full of girls in shorts with their rear ends hanging out of them with PINK written on the butt, and their big hair piled up on top of their heads, tied with giant bows, and with names like Toni Ann, and last names that were so unpronounceably Italian, this WASP had no idea where to even begin.

I was a long way from Westwood. My own sorority house had been a quaint turn-of-the-last century Spanish hacienda nestled into a hillside between Bel Air and Beverly Hills. Staten Island was a long way from Hilgard Avenue. And at the time, I was fresh out of Georgetown, but Grymes Hill wasn’t really…the Hilltop.

This isn’t a knock to Staten Island – I was the one who was out of place; I was the interloper. And Strand had moved to the NYC area just a few years before and so we became friends – even though we were in a very different dynamic of power: Advisor and Advisee.

I will not lie: Those years as a sorority advisor were not easy. It was a fun an adventure as you can imagine, but it was also as challenging as could be. I made lifelong friends with my advisor sisters, and with other officers as I moved up the ranks and started working with more sorority chapters, but being in the service of college women is a lifestyle not for the faint of heart!

And so eventually, I had to move on. My life changed, and I took a job where I had to travel a lot, and I got divorced, and it was just…time. And the girls who were freshmen when I had started were long graduated.

Strand and I had always had a special bond – she was kind to me when I needed it the most. I am so grateful for her friendship, and her compassion, her heart, her thoughtfulness. I’ve climbed Mount Whitney with her; I’ve run a marathon with her and watched her cross her first 26.2 finish. I’ve also scolded her for having alcohol in her room and smoking on the floor.

I love sharing this season of our lives where we’re both going to be brides; and we live on the same block; and our dogs love to give each other a hard time.

I’ve loved growing up with this girl.


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