New York, New York

This is the ninth in a series of posts about New York.

Approximately one million years ago, in the era when MySpace was still A Thing, I was addicted to shitty reality TV. (Who am I kidding? I am still addicted to shitty reality TV.) In fact, I was a huge fan of the show Flavor of Love. I have no excuses or explanation for this, other than to say, I was new to New York, and I was working long hours and studying for my master’s degree at the time, and I needed something to take my mind off of work, and law, and labour economics, and ERISA, and all of the new and heavy stuff that was happening in my world.

One night, propped up by liquid courage, some girlfriends (who had earlier in the night all confessed to being Flavor of Love fans) and I decided to become MySpace friends with some of the FlavGirlsincluding, but not limited to that one notoriously outspoken Cast Member Known by the Name of The State In Which I Live.

In the moment, I thought nothing of this. I had grown up in Los Angeles so interacting with celebrities was not wholly uncommon for me. But Social Media As We Now Know It was relatively new back then. The very act of becoming “friends” with a reality personality on nascent social media seemed as if it would be more like writing an anonymous fan letter, and less like interacting in real-time. For example, I didn’t think my girlfriends and I were going to be invited to hang out with the FlavGirls. I mean, we were mere nobodies. We were just going to become – if approved – ones among thousands of friends/fans on the buddy list of  minor Basic Cable Celebrities.

I went on to sober up and write a blog post about my thoughts regarding Flavor of Love, and the novelty of interacting with a D list celebrities on the internet. It was a think-piece, really – nothing negative about it – just a few words about being amused by the cult of celebrity, and where would this new form of media and communication and accessibility take us??

Then I went on with my life, and forgot I had ever “friended” The Girl Who Went By The Name of My State.

Apparently, I was the only one who forgot.

The reality star in question had apparently looked up my social media profile (where I linked to my blog); read my post about Flavor of Love; took it as a grave insult; sent me a nasty note; blocked me on MySpace, and so on and so forth. All over a completely innocuous blog post.

I shut down my MySpace account not long thereafter. No regrets.


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