The North Star

This is the tenth in a series of posts about New York, a guest post by my friend Kat.

In 2010, I became possessed by an urge to visit New York City.  There is no simpler way to put it.  Having never been, but having watched Keeping the Faith one too many times, it was my North Star Of The Moment.

How it actually ended up going down is that we flew in on the tailwind of Hurricane Earl.  As we dragged our suitcases from the bus stop to the subway station, I was so enthused by this billboard and the feeling that we were really In The City that I took a photo of it.

Billboard 1

We airbnb’d a place directly across the street from the Flatiron building.  I had no idea what that was at the time, but it seemed in the middle of a lot of stuff and the price was right, so it was the place for us.  We learned very quickly had rented this studio apartment from a woman, who the neighbors informed us, had recently been in a bike accident and was hospitalized.  This is also where the well-meaning neighbors informed Marcus, Lindsey, and me that in the owner’s absence, we were tasked with caring for Prince Sterling, her black Persian cat.  Helpfully, they described him to us as being “spiritual.”  While no feline spirituality was revealed over the course of the weekend, Prince Sterling’s chief accomplishment was aggressively chasing Lindsey around the apartment in circles at 2:00 AM.

All of this for the opportunity to go to the city and just be.  But as you all already, know, New York is not a place that you can just Be.  You have to Be somewhere.  So we set out to meet up with Marcus’ Friend Who Works In Fashion (something I felt added a lot of cachet to our roving party), we equipped ourselves with tall cans of beer, and we set out to traipse about the city.

Hipster 1

I will also take this time right now to tell you that I spent quite a bit of time thinking about what, exactly I would wear in the big city and the above outfit was one that I was quite proud of.  I wanted to look like I was comfortable without trying too hard.

We walked, and we walked, and we walked some more, sipping our secret beers.  We crossed through Times Square, which had only recently been closed to vehicular traffic.

Times Square 2

It was bright.

Undeterred by the late hour (we were in the city after all), we headed down to the pier to take a night ride on the Staten Island Ferry to see Lady Liberty and the city at night.  The water was black, the boat was quiet and so were we as we moved across the waves.

All of this which is to say that the first night in New York, everything was so shiny, and so new, and so full of potential.  We could be anything and we were surrounded by millions of other people chasing their own anything that night.

About the Author
Kat is a runner, an HR professional, a Minnesota native, and she is the woman behind the curtain at Tenaciously Yours. She is also a ferocious cook, and avid traveller, who, along with her husband Marcus, is happily found both globetrotting and relaxing Up North at the Cabin.


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