A Note About #Reverb15

A quick note about #Reverb15:

In the past, Sarah, Kat and I have drafted a list of 31 prompts to write to through December, in the spirit of Gwen Bell and Cali Harris’s original project. This year, due to a few Major Life Changes for each of the three of us, it was not a feasible undertaking to prepare, discuss, edit, and distribute 31 writing prompts.

I will be writing from Kat McNally’s prompts (of which there will be 21), with some flexibility to write from other sources. To suggest I will write 21 or more pieces of writing this season seems…ambitious, considering I’ve barely been able to crank out one piece of writing per month for the last year or more, but let’s dream big.

If you’re into it, and you need to take this moment of the season to clear your head, and gather your thoughts, then #reverb is definitely the place to do it. It does not have to be done via a public blog post – these prompts are great to work with for your own private writing as well.

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